The families of Disappeared victims in Northern Ireland have launched a renewed appeal for information on International Day of the Disappeared.

Many victims were executed and disappeared in secret at the height of the Troubles, with some bodies never recovered.

Sandra Peake from the Wave Trauma Centre said that Tuesday would shine a light on those cases.

Sandra Peake from the Wave Trauma Centre said Tuesday would raise awareness of Disappeared cases. Credit: UTV

“International Disappeared Day is recognised around the world in areas where there has been conflict and people have sadly been abducted and not seen again,” she said.

“I think it’s of great significance here when we look at cases of people who have been disappeared and who remain disappeared.

“Today is really about remembering those cases and for people to think about what they can maybe do to help bring them home to their families.”

Anne Morgan’s brother Seamus was disappeared by the INLA in 1985.

“At the moment, we have a lot of hope,” she said.