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Columba McVeigh

columbamcveighlargeColumba disappeared on 1st November 1975, his body has never been recovered.

Columba, by his family…

"Columba was the third of four precious children born to Paddy and Vera McVeigh.He grew up in the rural setting of Castlecaulfield in Co Tyrone where life was sometimes hard making the security of a loving family very special. Columba grew up to be a fine big tall and handsome fella with curly golden hair".

"He enjoyed being outdoors, riding his bike, playing football, often returning home covered in muck from head to toe. He had a great sense of humour and enjoyed playing a trick on family and friends. He worked hard and went to Dublin to take up a job. It was from there that Columba disappeared 29 years ago at the age of 17".



Robert Nairac

robertnairacRobert disappeared in 1977.

His body has never been recovered.




Joe Lynskey

joelynskeyIn February 2010 Joe Lynskey was added to the official list of The Disappeared. He went missing from his West Belfast home in 1972.

His body has never been recovered.