Brendan Megraw

Brendan disappeared from his home in Twinbrook, Belfast on 8th April 1978. His body was recovered on 1st October 2014.

Brendan, by his family…

“When Brendan disappeared on Saturday 8th April 1978, he was 23 years old. He was 5ft 8” tall and had very dark brown hair, which he wore long as that was the style at the time. He also had sideburns, a thin brown moustache and blue eyes”.

“Brendan was very much his own man. He didn’t like being told what to do. He was very particular about his appearance and always had a shine on his shoes. He had attended St Finians and La Salle schools and he had served on the altar at Clonard. He worked at a number of different jobs such as hotel work, in a carpet factory and a sign-making company, which he enjoyed but for a variety of reasons were not long term”.

“Brendan was happily married for almost a year and he was living for the day of the birth of his daughter and being a dad. Within his own band of friends, Brendan would have been very talkative with a mischievous sense of humour. At larger gatherings or more formal social occasions, Brendan would have been quieter. He was a friendly person who enjoyed life and just wanted to have a good time”.

“As his mum always said, “he was motorbike mad”. He enjoyed taking them apart, fixing them, cleaning them and racing them. He went for day trips on the bike with his friends or to the races at Kirkstown/Dundrod. Brendan was always engrossed in cars and kept his red MG Midget spotlessly clean. His two pet hates were football and politics.
His friends described him as a good friend who could be relied upon and he was good company”.

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